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Choose the correct software based on your needs. Ethos Whistleblowing Channels, Control Ethos, Ethos Warehousing, Ethos Fraud
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Fraud Prevention and Detection Services and Software
Based on our years of experience, we have developed best practices and software that will help you prevent and detect fraud.

About Us

We are a company that offers a unique service of great added value that helps our customers fight fraud through our services.We offer the highest level of security, real-time field updates and short response time

Ethos offers tools and services that helps companies Prevent and Detect Frauds.Our reporting channels are 100% anonymous, confidential and secure, allowing your employees, customers and suppliers to report abnormal situations, frauds and contingencies in the workplace or provide feedback for the improvement of internal processes within public or private organizations.

Our Services

Ethos WhistleBlowing

60% of Frauds are detected using a Whistleblowing Channel.Through the Whistleblowing Line, Ethos offers confidential, anonymous and secure communication channels for all types of companies

Ethos Control

Use this tool to Manage the Risks of the Company and be sure that the Controls in your Company are implemented and working so they mitigate your Risks.

Ethos Warehousing

Manage your inventory, granting complete visibility and control across the fufillment process. Accessible by smartphone and browser.

Ethos Fraud

This tool will help you pinpoint any Financial Statement related frauds within in minutes.

What Other Services We Offer

Fraud Detection and Prevention Services

Learn from the best. Leverage on the experience from our team.

Fraud Software and tools

Based on our years of experience, we have developed the most accurate software for Fraud Detection and Prevention

Other services

We offer Fraud Training based on your needs.

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